Dr. A. P. Tiwari

Adjunct Professor of Economics and Dean, Academics
Email : dr.tiwariap[at]gmail[dot]com
Dr. A. K. Dubey

Professor of Political Science & Public Administration and Dean, Faculty of Arts & Law
Email : akdubey.16[at]gmail[dot]com
Dr. Chandra. K. Dixit

Professor of Physics, Dean, Faculty of Science & Technology and Faculty of Engineering & Technology
Email :
Shri Pandeya Rajivanayan

Professor, Dean Faculty of Music and Fine Arts
Email : prajivanayan[at]gmail[dot]com
Dr. Prem Mohan

Professor, Dean Faculty of Commerce & Management
Email : premmohan.56[at]gmail[dot]com
Dr. R. K. Srivastava

Professor and Dean, Faculty of Computer & Information Technology
Email :
Dr. Rajani Ranjan Singh

Professor and Dean, Faculty of Special Education
Email : rrs.teachereducator[at]gmail[dot]com
Dr. V. K. Singh

Professor of English and Dean, Student Welfare
Email : vkumarsingh35[at]gmail[dot]com
* Alphabetically Arranged