About the Department

The department of Special Education, Hearing Impairment was started in the Session 2009 - 10. The department focuses on integrated education in the areas of teaching, research and extension.

Head of the Department

Dr Mrutyunjaya Mishra

Designation: Associate Professor

E-mail: mrutyunjayamishra33@gmail.com

Qualification: MA{Eco}, M.Ed.{HI}, Ph.D.(Education) & PGJMC

Research Area: Training in Inclusive Education, Assessment of CWHI and Transitional Services for CWHI, Manpower Development in Special & Inclusive Education.

Faculty of the Department

Dr Kaushal Sharma

Designation: Associate Professor

E-mail: kaushalvnu06@hotmail.com

Qualification: Ph.D. (Special Education), M.A. (History), M.Ed. (Special Education-HI), L.L.B.

Research Area: Education of Persons with Disabilities, Counselling the Children with Disabilities, Rehabilitation Guidance and Counselling, Aural Rehabilitation for Hearing Impaired Children, Rehabilitation Administration and Management.

Mr Chet Narayan Patel

Designation: Assistant Professor

E-mail: chetanbhu@gmail.com

Qualification: M.Sc{Zoology}, M.Ed {HI}, CSIR NET & UGC NET

Research Area: Early Identification, Intervention and Psychological Effect of Hearing Impairment. Inclusion of CWHI.

Dr Sita Ram Pal

Designation: Assistant Professor

E-mail: srpal74@gmail.com

Qualification: M.A., M.Ed, UGC NET & Ph.D.

Research Area: Special Education Curriculum adaptation, Inclusive Education, Speech & Language development in children with special needs.


Dr Arjun Prasad

Designation: Special Educator

E-mail: drarjunprasaddsmru@ gmail.com

Qualification: MA, D.Ed{HI}, B.Ed{HI}, B.Ed, M.Ed{HI}, M.Phil, UGC-NET & Ph.D.

Research Area: Historical Perspectives of Special Education,The development of Language and communication in CWHI.

Mrs. Hema Singh

Designation: Speech Therapist

E-mail: hemasingh7584@gmail.com

Qualification: Bachelor of Hearing, Language and Speech Pathology

Research Area:

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