Disability Support

  • The University  provides for equal and integrated access for Person with Disabilities in its premise and programme. We aim to provide services and support where students are encouraged to utilize the available resources. We facilitate inclusion by not only reducing but also eliminating barriers, which may be attitudinal, structural, programmatic or otherwise by creating partnerships and spreading awareness as per PwD Act, 1995 on disability-related issues.   

  • The University has created special facilities such as ramps, rails and special toilets, and made other necessary changes . Devices such as computers with screen reading software, low-vision aids, magnifiers, mobility devices, enriches the educational experiences of the students. Differently-abled persons require special aids and appliances for their daily functioning which are available through various schemes of the Govt. as per their prescribed norms.

  • The University facilitates students with special disabilities in admission, guidance and counselling, gaining successful employment, awareness with respect to rights, fee concession, examination procedure, scholarship scheme etc.  

  • We celebrate important days pertaining to disability such as the World Disablity Day, White Cane Day, Louis Braille Day etc.

  • The University addresses accessibility related issues as per the stipulations of the Persons with Disabilities Act 1995, and ensures that all existing structures as well as future construction projects in the campus is made disabled friendly.