Special Labs

Resource Room for MR (Mentally Retarded) children

The University has Resource Room for MR children which is well-equipped with different types of (TLM) Teaching Learning Material. It aids in the learning of various skills in the students. The Learners of B.Ed (MR) and D.Ed (MR) devise TLM's themselves while doing their practice teaching and IEP (Individualized Educational Program). Students use these TLM's with MR children while teaching them different skills and concepts like personal skill, social skill ,color concept, fine motor skills, community orientation, academic skills etc. Resource Room is also equipped with different assessment tools & psychological tests which are used by the students in their practicals like MDPS, FACP, BASIC (MR) etc.

Resource Room for VI (Visually Impaired) children

The Resource Room of VI is well-equipped, which is very useful for our students from applicability point of view. It has Brailler, Braille Kits, Taylor Frame, Abacus, Drawing Board, and Tactile Map of India / Asia etc. Snellen chart, Isihara Chart, Tactile Science diagrams and models, Teaching Learning Materials, Low Vision Kit, Reading Readiness Material. The facility of Visual Assessment Program, Visual Efficiency Program, Concept Development, and Making of TLM's is provided to the Learners.

Orientation & Mobility Unit

Orientation is ability to use one's remaining senses to understand one's location in the environment and Mobility is the capacity of movement. Orientation & Mobility constitutes teaching of the concepts, skills & technique necessary for a person with a visual impairment to travel safely efficiently & gracefully through any environment. This Unit is equipped with long cane, folding cane, blind fold, mobility maps, mobility models, equipments for ADL training and auditory training.

Sensory Stimulation Unit

The University has Sensory Stimulation Unit which is well-equipped with different kinds of objects, materials and equipments to develop remaining senses (Olfactory, Auditory, Tactile, and Gustatory, Kinesthetic & remaining vision). In this Unit, Learners are provided with training i.e. 'How to develop remaining senses'.