Our Vision

Strive to accomplish the goals of humanitarian society through Inclusive Education and Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities.

Our Mission

To become a Global Centre of Excellence of Higher Education and Rehabilitation for Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities with their Co-peers on the Maxims of inclusiveness and togetherness.


1. To be a unique and renowned Global Centre for Teaching, Research, Innovation, Skill development and Entrepreneurship.

2. To ensure Educational and Rehabilitation Opportunities on the maxims of Universal Design.

3. To enhance Learner's capabilities through various Employment and Skill oriented programmers.

4. To transform the Persons with Disabilities and havenots into valuable human resources and bring them into the mainstream of Society.

5. To aspire for Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development in all spheres of life.

6. To Develop a barrier free Academic Environment and cater to all the related needs of Persons with Disabilities.

7. To advance and disseminate learning and knowledge on Disabilities through Research and Development.

8. To develop the feelings of Sensitivity and Togetherness towards Persons with Disabilities in the society.

9. To contribute to the Welfare and Advancement of Persons with Disabilities at the global level.

10. To Inculcate Inclusive Value Culture among all the Stakeholders.