About the Department

The department of Fine Art has been started in the session 2015 - 16.

All programme simply means imparting fine art education. The primary aim of this programme is to help students identify their own subject matter and to develop the formal language appropriate to its expression: What the language will be and whether representational, abstract or otherwise will emerge from the student’s exploration and understanding of both historical precedent and contemporary context. It explores and gives the students exposure and wide opportunities to understand and train ones talent and aptitude in the creative field so as to make a good Teacher/ professional in areas of Art and Design in the industry.

Head of the Department

Shri Pandeya Rajivanayan

Designation: Professor

E-mail: prajivanayan@gmail.com

Qualification: M.A.(Fine) Creative Sculpture

Research Area: Outdoor Sculpture (Bronze and Stone)

Faculty of the Department

Name: Dr Awadhesh Misra

Designation: Assistant Professor

E-mail: misra.awadhesh@gmail.com

Qualification: MFA [Creative Painting], Ph.D., D. Litt in Visual Arts

Research Area: Painting- Abstract Painting
Writing- Art of Uttar Pradesh

Book: Kala Vimarsh; Monographs- Badri Nath Arya, Asad Ali, Mohd. Salim; Journal- Kala Dirgha, International Journal of Visual Arts [Since 2000]

Name: Dr Sunita Sharma

Designation: Assistant Professor

E-mail: sunitasharmalko18@gmail.com

Qualification: MFA [Creative Painting], Ph.D.

Research Area: Contemporary Women artist of India

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