About the Department

The department of Special Education, Hearing Impairment was started in the Session 2009 - 10. The department focuses on integrated education in the areas of teaching, research and extension.

Head of the Department

Dr Kaushal Sharma

Designation: Associate Professor

E-mail: kaushalvnu06@hotmail.com

Qualification: Ph.D. (Special Education), M.A. (History), M.Ed. (Special Education-HI), L.L.B.

Research Area: Education of Persons with Disabilities, Counselling the Children with Disabilities, Rehabilitation Guidance and Counselling, Aural Rehabilitation for Hearing Impaired Children, Rehabilitation Administration and Management.

Faculty of the Department

Mr Chet Narayan Patel

Designation: Assistant Professor

E-mail: chetanbhu@gmail.com

Qualification: M.Sc{Zoology}, M.Ed {HI}, CSIR NET & UGC NET

Research Area: Early Identification, Intervention and Psychological Effect of Hearing Impairment. Inclusion of CWHI.

Dr Sita Ram Pal

Designation: Assistant Professor

E-mail: srpal74@gmail.com

Qualification: M.A., M.Ed, UGC NET & Ph.D.

Research Area: Special Education Curriculum adaptation, Inclusive Education, Speech & Language development in children with special needs.


Dr Arjun Prasad

Designation: Special Educator

E-mail: drarjunprasaddsmru@ gmail.com

Qualification: MA, D.Ed{HI}, B.Ed{HI}, B.Ed, M.Ed{HI}, M.Phil, UGC-NET & Ph.D.

Research Area: Historical Perspectives of Special Education,The development of Language and communication in CWHI.

Mrs. Hema Singh

Designation: Speech Therapist

E-mail: hemasingh7584@gmail.com

Qualification: Bachelor of Hearing, Language and Speech Pathology

Research Area:

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